Time Travel

Time travel can be an interesting subject. Full of what is possible and theory. This paper is my theories about time travel.

Is time travel possible? How is it possible? There are alot of questions and no real answers other than theory and how it could possibly work. How is time defined? We define time by "a duration of 9,192,631,770 cycles of microwave light absorbed or emitted by the hyperfine transition of cesium-133 atoms in their ground state undisturbed by external fields". So every 9,192,631,770 cycles of cesium-133 is equal to 1 second. This is accurate enough that it is off by 1 second every 1,400,000 years. Even knowing how we define time, it can be a wonder as to how you would bend time to your needs to be able to time travel as now is now the past and the future is now the present which just now passed by to the pass as you read this.

How can you time travel. 2 pieces of matter can not exist within the same place at the same time. When you move thru the air, the air move around you. You can't put objects thru your body without putting a hole in your body, otherwise we would be able to walk thru things. This means that a time machine can not disappear and reappear at a future time. You may appear inside a wall, or, even possibly not even on the earth as the earth moves thru the universe as time passes. Time can be, in theory, another dimention. This would mean that we would be living in 4 dimentions but we only know how to move about on 3 of the 4 dimentions.

If we figure out time travel, then what happens if you go back and kill your parents? Some would argue that you would no longer exist while others would argue that it is completely possible. Lets go with the arguement of no longer existing. If you killed your parents, you would no longer exist which would create a paradox due to you then not existing to kill your parents so your parents would live so you would exist to kill your parents... you get the idea. You would be in an endless loop. However, it is possible to kill your parents and live if you think along the lines of creating alternate futures. Think of it this way, a straight road would be the normal future, killing your parents would result in going off on a side street (never to get back to the main road) however you would exist as you came from the main road. The version where you do exist, and don't create a paradox, however would mean that it is possible for an infinate number of alternate dimensions to exist.

Like i said at the beginning, time travel is more theory and causes more questions than answers. In theory, it is possible to do, in real life, who knows. Time travel is also something that can easily be abused without anyone knowing it and if it was ever invented would probably result in people being killed just so that someone else can use it. nuzle.pl